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Low Cost Full Coverage Insurance

It might seem hard to believe for some, but low cost full coverage auto insurance isn’t beyond the reach of the possible. In fact, the insurance market is so full of companies vying for new customers that each insurer has to provide the lowest rates, the best promotions and the most enticing offers in order to get your business. As a result, uniquely low offers can be found as long as you know how to find them.

Before we get into that, it’s good to know a little about how auto insurance works.

How are Rates Determined?

There are several aspects which can slash prices off premiums while still retaining quality services from a qualified insurance provider.

Everything starts with the driver. More so than any other aspect, the type of driver you are will dictate how much your premiums will be. Most people think that the company they use and the type of insurance they select are the main factors determining the costs of their policies, but it is actually the drivers themselves.

The truth is that all insurance companies have an opinion on what makes an ideal client: they are someone that drives slow, safe, lives in a safe neighborhood, cares about their car, doesn’t get traffic violations etc.

In other words, they are a low risk driver. Someone who is highly unlikely to get into an accident where the insurance company would have to pay. For those clients insurers are willing to bend over backwards. They will provide the lowest premiums and the best offers in order to sign them on as customers.

All the drivers that fit this description are in luck. They get to benefit from low cost full coverage policies and they do not actually have to do anything.

The Double Edged Sword

While this is good news for low risk drivers, it is not the greatest news for those who don’t fit into this category. The system works both ways: motorists who are considered high risk drivers will pay more for their insurance than those who aren’t.

The main thing a high risk driver can do to lower their rates is to strive to improve their driving record by driving without incidences for 3 or more years, which will put them good standing again.

Lower Rates for Everyone

However, there are ways everyone, including high risk drivers, can get cheap insurance. One method which most people overlook is grouping their insurance policies. Most drivers do not have just auto insurance. They also have health insurance, home insurance etc. Purchasing several kinds from the same provider will often result in discounts or special offers.

Another way to lower your insurance is to take and pass a defensive driving course. Not only can this decrease a low risk driver’s premiums, but it can even shave many points off a high risk driver’s record.

A third way to lower rates is to raise your deductible. This is a good way to decrease your monthly rates without the high risks of lowering your policy’s limits.

Ultimately, one of the best ways to find low cost full coverage auto insurance is to shop around. That’s how you will find one of those companies we spoke of earlier that is willing to offer you a better rate just to entice you into being another one of their customers.  A quick way is to enter your information in our free online quote comparison search engine.