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Do Parking Tickets Affect My Insurance Rates?

Expired Parking MeterEvery driver has gotten at least one parking ticket in their life. You parked in the wrong place, you get a fine, you pay the fine and you move on. It doesn’t have a long-lasting effect on you. Or does it? Will your insurance rates go up as a result of your parking tickets?

Fortunately, the short answer is no. In fact, there is a good chance that your insurer will never even find out about your parking tickets and even if they do, they are unlikely to care.

Do Parking Tickets Affect Your License?

It’s true that your driving record has an impact on how much your premiums will cost. If you are a safe driver, the rates will be lower. If you are a high-risk driver, they will be higher. When you get into an accident, get a DUI or are stopped for speeding, your rates will climb. But this is not the case with a parking ticket. This is because your driving record is usually only impacted negatively by moving violations. Since parking tickets are only given to stationary vehicles, they are not a considered to be a moving violation and do not add points to your license. Thus parking tickets will not directly affect your insurance policy.

The Exception!

There is a caveat to this; parking tickets can ultimately have an indirect effect that will lead to higher insurance rates. If you do not pay your fines, they can start building up and this can ultimately result in your license getting suspended. The duration of the suspension varies from state to state, but one thing is sure: suspensions do have an effect on your insurance rates.

If this happens multiple times, it is also quite possible for some companies to refuse to insure you anymore. You will certainly get higher premiums and, in extreme cases, unpaid parking tickets could even lead to jail time! That is why you should pay your fines in a timely manner if you want to maintain a good relationship with your insurance provider.