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State Farm Roadside Assistance Review & Cost

The TRUTH about State Farm Roadside Assistance: Review

updated Mar 7, 2022

Cost of Roadside Assistance

State Farm has been the top US auto insurer since 1942 with no signs of stopping. The brand name carrier currently insures 43.7 million American drivers and their vehicles. So it makes perfect sense that State Farm also sells a roadside assistance program to help their insureds get back on the road when their car runs into a bit of trouble because of a flat tire or a dead battery. 

How Much Does State Farm Roadside Assistance Cost?

If you’re looking for the lowest priced plan then you’ll have to skip State Farm’s $48 per year roadside assistance. The carrier charges about double what Allstate and Progressive does for similar benefits. Or you can find an even cheaper premium with GEICO roadside assistance ($14 per year) or USAA ($12-$15 per year), but you aren’t getting State Farm’s long and positive reputation which we’ll explore later. 

What is Included in State Farm Roadside Service?

Most emergency roadside programs are designed to be very similar and State Farm is really no different. 

Check out what State Farm advertises as their 24-hour roadside assistance benefits: 

  • Towing to the nearest repair location if the car isn’t drivable
  • $100 towards locksmith service to access your vehicle
  • Winching and/or Extraction for free if the covered car is stranded on or immediately next to the road
  • Up to 1 hour paid of mechanical labor at the site of the breakdown
  • Up to 1 hour paid for a locksmith if the car key is stolen, lost, or locked inside the vehicle 
  • Fuel delivery 
  • Flat tire change
  • Battery jump start 

State Farm’s roadside service coverage, like all plans, has some limitations. For example, State Farm won’t pay for any time beyond 60 minutes to help you unlock your car or perform a mechanical adjustment. However it is worth noting that the service that is arguably the most important, towing, isn’t limited.

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How Do I Contact State Farm If I Breakdown?

Every minute counts when your vehicle is broken down on a desolate road and you need help fast. State Farm emergency road service can be easily requested by calling their toll free number 1-877-627-5757 or by filing a roadside claim on the carrier’s website. You can also dispatch help via the State Farm mobile app which you can find here for iOS & here for Android.  

How Does State Farm’s Roadside Assistance Compare to Other Providers?

The table below gives you a nice snapshot of popular emergency roadside programs sold by nationwide auto insurers, including State Farm. You’ll find all the roadside assistance plans to have fairly comparable coverage. 

State FarmAllStateProgressiveFarmersGEICOEsurance
Cost Per Year$48$25$23$23$14Included w/ Full Coverage plan
Incidents Covered Per Year33varies333
TowingNearest, no limit$10015 miles$150100 miles$75
Winching/ ExtricationFree if reachable from road$100100 ft10 ft1 hr$75
Car Locksmith1 hr$1001 hr$150$100$75
On-Site Mechanical Adjustment1 hr$1001 hr$1501 hr$75
Fuel Delivery$75
Jump Start$75
Flat Tire Service$75

The above table makes it clear that State Farm is more expensive than other plans but just as comprehensive. In fact, many insureds will love the fact that State Farm roadside assistance can be added-on to your coverage even if you don’t have a comprehensive (aka full coverage) policy. 

Another perk for State Farm emergency roadside customers is not having a mileage cap on towing services like other plans do. This means State Farm will pay for your vehicle to be towed as far as is necessary, which is a great benefit when you live in a rural community.  

A Good Deal Can Be Hidden

Obviously from the above table you can see that State Farm’s roadside assistance is more expensive than other similar add-on coverages that also marry you to the insurance provider. That’s why it’s important to compare quotes for the total insurance policy (not just the emergency road price) from each insurer before you make a final decision as to which is the highest priced plan. After all, depending on your driving record and the vehicle you’re insuring, the roadside service’s premium could be offset within the total auto insurance package.  

As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to also consider the reputation of each insurance carrier before you pick a roadside plan. You obviously want a company that is responsive and won’t keep you waiting on the side of the highway. 

Well, State Farm didn’t get to be #1 without having a good reputation when it comes to reliability and customer satisfaction.  So going with the State Farm roadside coverage seems like a solid choice. 

Take a look at these State Farm consumer reviews which support this point of view: 

  • Consumer Affairs is 4.0/5.0 stars (2,625 reviews) 
  • J.D. Power “Power Circle Satisfaction Rating” is “About Average” (#8 out of 23 insurers)
  • A.M. Best financial strength is A++ (“Superior”) 

Each of these positive ratings show that State Farm knows what it’s doing when it comes to taking care of their insureds. 

Should I Use a Motor Club like AAA instead?

Perhaps the most famous motor club membership, AAA, isn’t meant as just an emergency roadside service but rather a more robust program that gives members access to various discounts and bonus features. Motor clubs are most useful to those that travel quite a bit, have an unreliable vehicle, or are most likely to use the member discounts. If you don’t fall into any of those categories then opting for State Farm’s add-on roadside coverage might be a better choice. 

Is it Worth Buying State Farm’s Roadside Assistance?

If you’re already a State Farm insured then adding on their roadside services is easy and affordable. Making sure you and your family have this type of coverage in place will give you peace of mind knowing future auto breakdowns won’t stop you for long. That’s because State Farm has a dependable and professional roadside plan. 

Keep in mind, you’ll have to switch your entire auto policy to State Farm if you don’t already have insurance through the carrier. In this case, it’s best to evaluate your current insurance company’s roadside program and its price tag versus what State Farm sells. 

Shopping for emergency roadside plans is a good use of your time and energy. No matter which roadside plan you pick, you’ll save quite a bit of out-pocket money should your car stop rolling one day. 

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