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To attract new customers, car insurance companies are discounting their rates daily. We are here to help you find those discounted rates fast.

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We operate independently of all auto insurance providers, enabling us to provide you with an objective overview of today’s market, so you can compare quotes on your own terms.

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Calling, or using our QuoteScout™ search engine is completely free, so you can compare as many quotes as you like and save big without spending a penny.

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Car on Coin Stacks Many car owners avoid buying full coverage policies because they think they are too expensive. Or they’ve checked with their current carrier and were intimidated by a pricey quote.

But you’ll be surprised how affordable full coverage insurance can be, even for EV owners. Auto insurance carriers are eager to sign up new customers, so competition is fierce to offer prices that are attractive.

This is why it is possible to get top-of-the-line coverage from well known and trusted insurers at a low price. But only if you comparison shop.

This is where we can help. By using our 100% free quote comparison search engine or calling our toll free number, you’ll be able to quickly compare multiple insurance quotes side by side, making finding the cheapest full coverage car insurance a snap. Our QuoteScout™ is better than a “car insurance calculator” because it provides real quotes; not a ball park estimate.

If you are searching for cheap car insurance near you, you’ll be happy to hear our QuoteScout™ search engine is specifically designed to track down the best deals in your area. Just enter your zip code, a few driver details and within seconds our QuoteScout™ will scan our nationwide network of insurance providers to help you find the best offers.

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Case Study

Case Study

Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Study

We recently performed a study to reveal which companies were willing to offer the cheapest full coverage car insurance for a broad range of drivers, in both the cheapest and the most expensive States. (*see methodology)

Driver Cheapest in Cheapest State Cheapest in Most Expensive State
Clean Driving Record $39 mo. (Progressive) $144 mo. (Travelers)
One Speeding Ticket $48 mo. (Progressive) $136 mo. (Allstate)
Poor Credit Score $57 mo. (Geico) $233 mo. (Geico)
Two Accidents $67 mo. (Progressive) $201 mo. (Allstate)
Expensive Car $84 mo. (Progressive) $175 mo. (Travelers)
Young Driver $87 mo. (Geico) $197 mo. (Geico)


As you can see, it’s not uncommon for monthly rates to fluctuate dramatically from driver-to-driver and from state-to-state. Another very important thing to recognize is that no one company always offers the cheapest rates. A company that offers one driver the cheapest rate might not offer a different type of driver the cheapest rate at all.

This is why the only reliable way to find out which company will offer you the lowest rate is to compare quotes that are customized to your driving situation > Get Quotes

National Average

National Average

How Much Does Full Coverage Cost?

According to the latest 2022 nationwide study, the average cost for full coverage auto insurance is $99 per month ($1,190 per year).

Keep in mind, however, that premiums can vary extremely from driver to driver depending on many factors. For example, in the most expensive state, Louisiana, full coverage cost drivers an average of $146 mo. Whereas in the least expensive state, Maine, drivers only paid an average of $65 mo.



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