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The TRUTH about National Motor Club Roadside Assistance: Review

The National Automobile Club (NMC) has been around since 1956 and is one of the largest independent motor clubs in the US. They have hundreds of thousands of subscribers in the US and Canada.

National Motor Club offers reasonable roadside assistance rates for Recreation Vehicles (RVs). Some consumers use National Motor Club car coverage as an extra layer of security, while others only use their roadside assistance plans.

How Does National Motor Club Roadside Assistance Work?

To use their roadside services, you must join as a member. Once you join, you will automatically have access to the exclusive benefits of the plan you selected.

Beyond providing four levels of roadside assistance, NMC also provides access to global emergency services that can aid in obtaining medical attention, prescription help, and even childcare.

More benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Travel Assistance Reimbursement
  • Trip Planning and Hotel Discounts
  • Reimbursement for Attorney’s Fees
  • Discounts on Auto Services and Everyday Items
  • Identity Theft Prevention

NMC is a service company that is primarily reliant on reimbursement. This means that you must pay for services in advance and then present proof of service to be eligible for a reimbursement afterwards.

For example, if you become stranded and need a tow, you would contact a tow company and go through the procedure on your own. After you pay for services, simply log in to your NMC member account, select the event type, date, and invoice amount. Then submit a photo of your invoice. You may track your request’s progress and receive notifications.

This approach is convenient if you prefer to choose which service providers you use, but for those who seek more guidance and support, tracking down services yourself might be too daunting. Even though the NMC appears to make the procedure simple, their self-service style can be a hassle for those who would prefer less control over the process. This hands-off approach also explains why they can provide a diverse range of solutions at such competitive prices.

How Much Does National Motor Club Roadside Assistance Cost?

National Motor Club offers consumers four roadside options that are competitively priced RV roadside assistance. Plans start at $8.00 per month and go up to $29 per month. The pricier plans offer more perks and services, but all four offer basic services like gas delivery and towing. Other plans include premium features like travel help, and legal fee reimbursement.

Basic – $8 mo.Protection – $11Plus – $16Premier – $20Shield – $29
Fuel Services
Jump Start
Battery Delivery & Installation
Winching/ Extrication
Flat Tire Change
Car Locksmith
Rental Car Discount20-25%20-25%20-25%20-25%20-25%
Travel Assistance$500$500$500$500$500
Vehicle Theft Reward$5000$5000$5000$5000$5000
Legal Defense$200-$2000$200-$2000$200-$2000$200-$2000$200-$2000
Arrange Bail Bond
Emergency Services
Personal Accident Coverage
ID Theft Resolution
Online Shopping Discounts
CVS 20% discount
Home Lock-Out Service$100
Discounted Legal Services
Repair Guard

These plans are paid monthly, not annually. Enrollment is also subject to a single fee of $20. You can add extra family members to your plan for a $5 cost on top of your membership dues.

All Plans Include

All five NMC roadside plans cover many vehicles, including cars, two-wheelers, motorcycles and RV’s. For trailers, the only service given is tire changes. These plans do not cover off-road vehicles. Residents of four states are not eligible for the insurance (AK, AL, CA, WA), but travelers are not affected.

All plans reimburse drivers up to $100 per disablement. With the basic plan, jump starts, towing vehicle lockouts, tire changes, and gas delivery are among the many roadside assistance services offered. Vehicle extraction is also covered, but the driver’s car must be within 100 feet of the road for it to be effective.

All plans also include car rental discounts, a vehicle theft reward, legal defense coverage and travel assistance reimbursement of up to $500 to help cover transportation costs as a result of a collision accident.

Secure Protection

This package offers roadside assistance and additional protection if you are harmed in a transportation-related accident.

The following are some of the featured benefits:

  • Health Care Savings – save on vision care and medicines.
  • NMC Reward Program – Get rewarded for being a member while saving money.
  • Travel Reimbursement – Get help to cover the costs of an accident while traveling.

Secure Plus

A Security Plus + membership offers you roadside assistance reimbursement plus additional coverage if you are harmed in an accident.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Personal Accident Coverage – Benefits for your covered accidental injuries, 24/7.

Secure Premier

Besides providing reimbursement for roadside assistance, NMC’s Security Premier + membership also includes an array of extra advantages.

These are some of the featured benefits:

  • Online Shopping Discounts – save up to 60% on hundreds of retail partners’ products
  • CVS ExtraCare® Health Card – save 20% on all eligible CVS branded products that are related to health
  • Identity Theft Resolution Services – access to an identity theft specialist

Secure Shield

This plan goes above and beyond roadside assistance reimbursement by providing you with access to advantages that promote security, safety, and financial services.

Added benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Teladoc – Offers free access to physicians via phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Repair Guard Warranty Extender – Ensures that you never have to pay for the same covered repair more than once.
  • Legal Club – Access to a nationwide network of experienced attorneys, who provide free and subsidized legal services.

How do I Contact National Motor Club Roadside Service?

You can call NMC Member Services at 800-523-4582.

If you are a member, you can register online and set up a username and password to access the Members Only website.

The National Motor Club (NMC) app allows members to receive compensation in just a few simple steps.

You can download the app to your Apple or Android device.

How Does National Motor Club Basic Roadside Assistance Compare to Other Companies?

NMC roadside assistance packages covering a variety of different vehicles, but seem to be priced for Recreation Vehicles. Roadside assistance coverage for RVs usually will cost more since RVs are much heavier that standard cars and thus more costly to tow or change a tire on.

NMC ProtectionAAA RV Plus
Yearly Cost$132$143
Incidents Per Year34
Towing$100100 miles
Winching/ Extrication$100Covers 2nd truck and operator for 1 hr
Car Locksmith$100$100
On-Site Mechanical Adjustment$100Free if possible
Fuel Delivery$100
Jump Start$100
Flat Tire Service$100
Battery Delivery & Installation$100
Auto/Stereo Theft Reward$5000 Auto
Legal Defense Reimbursement$200-$2000
Products/Services Discounts
Emergency Services
Personal Accident Coverage
Identity Theft Protection

*AAA pricing and benefits can vary depending on your region

When compared to AAA, NMC has some drawbacks, the most significant of which being they only cover up to $100 per disablement regardless of which level you choose. Essentially, this implies that if you need to call a tow truck, NMC will reimburse you up to $100 of the cost, which may not be enough to go you very far unless you’re prepared to pay the rest of the bill.

AAA also offers an extra incident per year and some other unique perks, such as trip interruption reimbursement and electric vehicle charging. On the other hand, National Motor Club offers a much more generous auto theft reward and legal defense reimbursement.

Which Roadside Assistance Should You Choose?

The unique features offered by National Motor Club Car Insurance set it apart from other auto clubs. Customers like this company because it is like an exclusive auto club with discounts and other benefits. Clients or members can get protection with vacation planning, airline reservations, and incentives for easier vehicle recovery alongside their roadside assistance coverage. It is also commendable how detailed their pricing and plan descriptions are on their website.

As always, compare the features and benefits supplied by National Motor Club with those provided by other insurance companies before you purchase any insurance policy.