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Driverless Car Reactions

With all the talk of driverless cars and how we may soon not even need auto insurance thanks to safe driving automation, it’s not surprising that some of the unsuspecting victims of this hilarious prank seem to believe a robot is actually driving a car through their fast food drive thru window.

This video is a 2015 release by YouTube user MagicOfRahat and it has officially gone viral. Possibly the most hilarious prank this YouTuber has pulled off in his 8 year career, “Drive Thru Robot Prank” has racked up almost 2 million views per month since it’s premier and it’s momentum only seems to be picking up pace.

Outdoing his earlier drive thru pranks is no small feat. The first video he released in his drive-thru prank series, dubbed Drive Through Fire Wallet, has a lifetime view count over 4 million and is still a fun watch.

However, even more impressive is his most viewed video, Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank, which has been seen by a whopping 42 million viewers. In “Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank”, a car that is seemingly completely empty pulls up to various drive thru windows and the reactions are priceless, including one woman being so overwhelmed with bewilderment that she actually starts crying, and a guy repetitively opening and closing the customer service window with the hopes that someone will be in the drivers seat the next time he opens it.

MagicOfRahat began his YouTube channel almost a decade ago very simply by presenting videos of various card tricks “he had up his sleeve”. However, it wasn’t until he brought his love of magic to the streets, by combining simple illusions with creative pranks in public places, that his viewership boomed. As of date he has over 4 million dedicated subscribers to his humble YouTube channel.

Another example of his love of illusion can be seen in his Giant Straw Prank. In it he pulls a 5 foot straw out of a standard sized fast food bag. It wouldn’t be the most amazing prank in the world except for the fact that the straw looks so darn real. Entire restaurants full of people come to a standstill as customers look on, dumbfounded by what they just witnessed.

It could be argued that the appeal of MagicOfRahat’s magic is that he brings magic into everyday life, without the usual set up of “Watch closely, now I’m going to show you a trick”. However, the ultimate key to the success of his videos is the genuine surprise and wild reactions of his participants, which he adeptly edits together in an entertaining way.

Drive Thru Floating Cup 3 is a another example of a simple illusion which leads to some great reactions. In it he pulls up to drive thru windows with a soft drink cup seemingly floating directly in front of him. It’s a simple illusion involving only a fine string or two, but the sincere and utterly confused looks of “I can’t believe my eyes” can only make you smile and that is precisely why we love watching MagicOfRahat’s videos.

That and the fact that, unlike many other prank videos, no one is getting hurt. Confused? Yes. Amazed? Certainly. But it’s all in harmless fun, which is the perfect mixture to bring a little happiness to your day.

video source:
MagicofRahat (Aug 3, 2015) – “Drive Thru Robot Driver Prank”