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Demi Lovato Goes on a Car Karaoke

Keeping up with the pulse of the latest music scene, one of the coolest late night hosts hits the jackpot once again with a power duo riding shotgun and backseat in yet another memorable episode of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. If you weren’t able to stay up to watch the show, you are in for a treat! Demi Lovato AND Nick Jonas both jump in Corden’s car to sing their hearts out to their favorite tunes and more.

For those of you who got to see any of their magic together on stage, you know just how great Demi and Nick are as performers. They also happen to be infectiously fun people, as demonstrated throughout the ride. Nick also mentions that he and Demi are celebrating a big milestone in their beautiful friendship. You won’t believe how long they’ve known each other for.

This episode of Carpool Karaoke is filled with some awesome tracks, starting with Demi Lovado’s own hit single “Heart Attack”. It’s a great way to kick off any car trip, in our opinion and is well worth the ride in itself.   Next up is Nick’s “Chains” single to keep the momentum going, then BACK to Lovado’s earlier song “Stone Cold”. What’s incredibly impressive is their the ability to navigate through this sandwich of big vocals and difficult notes to hit. But what is even crazier is that they never skipped a beat!

After everyone was warmed up, things got a little spicy as Nick Jonas reveals that his bro, Joe Jonas, created his hit song with his band DNCE, called “Cake by the Ocean”. It’s a funny story that is explained through the grinning and laughter of Demi and James. Of course, this means that they have to revisit the song with having a renewed love for it. You are sure to fall in love with it all over again too after this video.

Without spoiling too much about ending, James Corden was feeling so comfortable by now that he suggested he should join them on their summer tour. Nick thought it would be a good idea, but he wanted to see what his musical talents were, so they decided to stop by a place to get some improvised drums for James, while Nick grabbed an instrument he was familiar with, and it was Demi’s turn to lead the mic.

Apparently, this was a winning formula because the trio soon attracted a bus full of tourists who happened to cross paths with a mobile concert audition. This is why we love Carpool Karaoke, because no matter how basic the premise is, each episode is unpredictable and packed with fangirl/guy moments. It seems like whoever James decides to showcase on his low key car rides, there is always a good laugh and lots on insights into of the artist’s lives and their music.

Stay tuned and you’re sure to catch the next Carpool Karaoke we handpick for your viewing pleasure. Or if you don’t want to miss any of the Late Late Show’s YouTube releases, you can just subscribe to their YouTube channel here.