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A Gift that Reduced Father to Tears

The memories and bonding moments between father and son are eternal. Whether these memories stem from moments fishing, building a birdhouse, or working on a car together, moments shared between father and son are unlike any other relationship.

It is through these experiences and because of these memories that a son is able to find his way in the world and become the man he is destined to be. As the old saying goes, “My father never told me how to live. He simply lived and let me watch him.”

The son is a direct reflection of the father.

This is the story of a father, a son, and a 1965 Chevy Impala.

The son in this touching story had vivid and happy memories of his dad’s old Impala, reminiscing about how large the back seat felt and how the turns in the car seemed to have an other-worldly effect on he and his brother. This Chevy Impala was much more than just a car to their father. The car took on a life of its own as a valued member of the family, and as the son acknowledges, the father considered the car his baby.

It was the first car that the family had purchased new off the lot. It represented years of hard work and it gave the father a sense of freedom and accomplishment that he hadn’t experienced up to that point.

As the son describes, times became tough in the 1980s, and his father was forced to sell their Chevy Impala. After nearly twenty years with this car as a part of their family, the void left by the Chevy was felt by all, but by none more than their father. The years passed and the pain subsided, but the son never forgot the car and what it meant to his father.

Then it hit him. What if he could find the car and buy it for his father?

It was not long before a VIN search returned not only what State the car was in, but the actual physical address of the current owner.

However, his hopes were quickly dashed when the owner of the car, a resident of Maine, informed the son that the vehicle had been loaded onto a flat bed and delivered to the latest buyers in Canada.

Much to the astonishment and disbelief of their wives, the son and his brother announced their intention to hire a private investigator to locate the vehicle. Instead of taking such drastic measures, the the son’s wife suggested that he attempt one more online search of the Chevy Impala.

It was a search that would bring the Chevy Impala back home.

The first vehicle on the list was the 1965 Chevy Impala. It was located in Montreal, Canada and was ready for purchase and transport. The brothers quickly purchased the vehicle and made arrangements to have it returned home to their father.

The father had no idea that his sons had set out to find his vehicle and return it. The reaction he had was of total disbelief, amazement, and love. While the love this man had for his car is obvious, it is the love for his sons and from his sons that is totally remarkable. The act of love and kindness from these two men for their father was nothing short of incredible and beautiful. An act of love so raw and selfless serves as a perfect example of the mirror’s reflection when sons are raised by a remarkable man.
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InspiredWorld2013 (Sep 19, 2013) – “A Son Gives His Dad a Gift That Reduces Him to Tears”