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4 Reasons to Own a Dash Cam

As digital cameras became smaller, less expensive, and easier to operate, we found new and innovative ways to utilize the powerful technology. Originally used in police work, dash cams began to pop up on the dash of cars throughout the world roughly a decade ago. At first it seemed ridiculous: Placing a video camera on the dash of your car to video tape your exploits, your witty banter, or your epic road trip. However, as time went on, these little cameras began to display purposefulness that went far beyond mere entertainment.

Today, dash cams are used throughout the world to ward off criminals, record personal interactions, and document accidents. While Americans are still slow to adopt this seemingly invasive piece of modern technology, they’d be smart to join their International brethren in putting a dash cam in their vehicle. Here are four reasons why you should run, not walk, to purchase and install a dash cam in your vehicle.

#1 Accidents & Your Insurance

As the above CNET video correctly states, you can’t get a “direct” discount from an insurance company if you install a dash cam. However, what they failed to mention is that there are plenty of situations in which having a dash cam can lead to huge savings on your auto insurance. For example, while simply installing a dash cam won’t lead to a discount in your premiums, having a dash cam can greatly improve your legal case in the event you are involved in an accident that isn’t your fault. In this case a dash cam could prove invaluable in proving the accident wasn’t your fault and keep your insurance company from hiking your rates sky high once your accident causes you to be perceived as a high-risk driver.

Here is a good example. If this driver in this clip didn’t have a dash cam installed, he most likely would have been blamed for a “rear-end” accident!

#2 Moving Violations & Your Insurance

Goodness knows that most police officers are well meaning. First responders are some of the bravest men and women in the entire world. That being said, they are also only human, and are subject to misjudgments and mistakes. Dash cam footage can prove to be hugely influential when contesting a traffic ticket or other violation. Not only will this footage keep your driving record clean and save you the frustration of being wrongly accused, but it will keep your insurance premiums lower since most moving violations result in an increase in insurance premiums.

Watch how this man proved he was in the right after being pulled over the police.

#3 Keep an Eye on Your Teen

We might think our child is the most responsible, most reliable, and most dependable teenager of all time. While we’d like to believe that they’re obeying all the rules of the road, being courteous drivers, and not texting while driving, the reality is usually more disappointment than what we’d like to imagine. Having a dash cam can not only help keep tabs on your teen driver and their exploits, but it can also give you the critical information that you need as a parent that can help keep your child safe behind the wheel.

#4 Helping Another Person in Need

Yes, having a dash cam can help protect you in the event you’re in an accident, but what if you’re not the individual in distress? While eyewitness testimony can often be sketchy or unreliable, a video recording can always prove to be a steadfast and believable witness in the event of a tragedy or incident. In hundreds of cases throughout the world, bystanders with dash cams have caught fatal car accidents, scams, crimes, or natural disasters on film by complete accident. This footage might not serve the camera owner well, but it could make a huge difference in the lives of those directly affected by such events.


Whatever your reasons, installing a dash cam is a worthwhile and responsible decision for every driver. Owning and operating a dash cam can avoid insurance rate hikes, protect you from criminals, protect your children from poor choices, and bring justice to families affected by terrible circumstances. When combined with the financial savings and protection that a dash cam offers its owner, it is no wonder more and more people are utilizing these clever little cameras.

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