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3 Great Driving Apps

updated: May 6, 2024

Technology has changed many aspects of our daily lives. The Internet, for instance, gives us access to an online marketplace that is far more accessible and diverse than ever before. Most companies have understood the importance of having a presence in this new online world so they are also using the Internet as a new medium in order to offer their goods and services. Insurance providers are no different. A lot of them have developed apps for smart phones that give their customers easy access to all the information and services they could desire. Companies such as Liberty Mutual Insurance, Travelers and Nationwide Insurance all have such apps and many more will follow their lead.

But it does not stop there. The potential for useful apps extends far beyond offering insurance policies online.

Improve Your Driving Skills

Steer Clear Icon

State Farm Insurance, for example, has an called Steer Clear (iPhone / Android).

It’s tailor-made for new drivers looking to boost their skills on the road. But it’s not just for improving your driving skills – completing various driving assignments actually earns you discounts on your State Farm insurance policy as you finishing various driving assignments.

Steer Clear isn’t just about improving your driving; it’s also got your back if you’ve had a few too many drinks. The app includes a ride-sharing feature that does more than you’d expect. It not only ensures you get home safely but also takes care of your car. How? They send two drivers your way. One drives you home, while the other follows in your car, making sure both you and your vehicle make it home in one piece. It’s peace of mind in your pocket.

Axikit Icon

AxiKit Accident Report (iPhone / Android) boasts itself to be a vital tool during moments of crisis on the road.

In the unfortunate event of a crash, this app serves as a lifeline by instantly notifying emergency services with a single tap. Utilizing your phone’s GPS capabilities, it ensures that responders can swiftly locate you, providing essential information such as the time and date of the incident.

But AxiKit goes beyond mere emergency notification. It simplifies post-accident procedures by facilitating contact with roadside assistance and guiding you to nearby gas stations and member-discounted hotels through its integrated map feature. This user-friendly interface streamlines the process, making assistance readily accessible in moments of distress.

A standout feature of AxiKit is its voice recording option, invaluable for individuals feeling disoriented after an accident. By enabling voice input for accident details and witness statements, the app ensures accurate documentation without the need for typing, which can be challenging in such circumstances. This meticulous documentation serves as compelling evidence in legal proceedings, bolstering your case with clarity and precision.

Moreover, AxiKit empowers users with its photo documentation function, allowing them to capture crucial details of the accident scene. With the ability to add captions explaining relevant aspects of the images, users can create a comprehensive visual record that aligns with legal requirements. The app even provides a checklist to guide users in capturing the most pertinent photos for potential legal claims.

In instances where the other driver admits fault, AxiKit offers further assistance with its signature capture release form. This feature facilitates the collection of legally binding signatures, fortifying your position in future legal proceedings. AxiKit emerges not just as a convenience but as a reliable ally in navigating the aftermath of an accident, providing peace of mind and support when it’s needed most.

BACtrack Icon

The BACtrack app (iPhone / Android) is specifically crafted to prevent incidents of drinking and driving.

In scenarios where individuals have consumed alcohol in moderation but are uncertain about their ability to drive legally, this app serves as a crucial ally.

Paired with the companion Bluetooth breath analyzer, the BACtrack app delivers swift and accurate measurements of your body’s alcohol content. It not only provides immediate results but also offers a predictive graph, estimating the duration required for your impairment level to decrease to a safe driving threshold. Additionally, the app maintains a comprehensive history of your tests, enhancing its predictive capabilities over time. While it’s advisable to conduct a test just before driving, the predictive feature proves invaluable for planning your evening and notifying loved ones of your anticipated arrival time.

By leveraging this app, individuals can significantly reduce the risk of causing accidents or facing DUI charges, promoting safer roads for all. The investment in the Bluetooth breathalyzer model, available for approximately $90 on platforms like Amazon, underscores the app’s commitment to ensuring user safety and responsible decision-making.