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3 Great Driving Apps

Technology has changed many aspects of our daily lives. The Internet, for instance, gives us access to an online marketplace that is far more accessible and diverse than ever before. Most companies have understood the importance of having a presence in this new online world so they are also using the Internet as a new medium in order to offer their goods and services. Insurance providers are no different. A lot of them have developed apps for smart phones that give their customers easy access to all the information and services they could desire. Companies such as Liberty Mutual Insurance, Travelers and Nationwide Insurance all have such apps and many more will follow their lead.

But it does not stop there. The potential for useful apps extends far beyond offering insurance policies online.

Improve Your Driving Skills

Steer Clear Icon

State Farm Insurance, for example, has an called Steer Clear (iPhone / Android). Inexperienced drivers can use it to improve their skills behind the wheel. This is achieved by finishing various assignments while driving and it’s not just for fun, either. State Farm actually takes note of these accomplishments and offer discounts on their policies for the drivers that complete them.

In case you ever find yourself too drunk to drive, the app also includes a ride-sharing service that does more than you’d expect. Not only will the service help you get home safe. It will help your car get home safe as well. The service provides two professional drivers. One of the service’s drivers drives you home while the other driver follows you home in your own car.

Automate an Accident Report

Axikit Icon

AxiKit Accident Report (iPhone / Android) is another great app that can genuinely be a lifesaver. In the event of a crash it will notify emergency services at the touch of a button. At the same time it will use your phone’s GPS to help responders find your location, along with the time and date of the event.

It can also be used to help you contact roadside service, help you find the closest gas stations and even track down the closest hotels that offer member discounts. It has a built in map that makes it all quick and easy.

Another great feature is if you feel too disoriented after your accident to type in your accident details, it gives you the option to use your voice to record them. Not only that, it has a place to record in witness statements. This kind of documentation can be extremely valuable for helping prove your case later.

When you are using the photo function to document images of the accident, you can type in captions to explain what is relevant to the accident. The photo section even includes a checklist to help you take photos that are most important for legal claims.

If you are lucky enough that other driver is willing to admit fault, the app even has a signature capture release form to help you later prove your case.

Make Sure You are Safe to Drive

BACtrack Icon

The BACtrack app (iPhone / Android) has been designed with the intent of preventing drinking and driving. There are situations where drivers have been drinking in moderation, but do not know whether they are legally allowed to drive or not.

You can use this app along with the companion Bluetooth breath analyzer to measure your body’s alcohol content. It provides quick results and a graph the predicts how long it will take your impairment level to decrease to a safe driving level. It even records an ongiong history of your tests to help it more accurately predict how long it will take your body to reach a 0.000% alcohol level. While you will always want to test yourself right before you decide to drive, the prediction map can come in handy for planning your evening and letting your friends or family know when to expect you home.

This using this app is certain to help you decrease the chances of causing an accident or getting a DUI.

Currently their Bluetooth breathalyzer model that communicates with their mobile app costs about $90 on Amazon.