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Good Ride and Motor Club App Icons

Two Very Handy Apps from AllState

While both of these apps serve different functions, they can be useful if you either drive a motorcycle or need roadside assistance. The first app, Good Ride, allows you to log details about your bike and even helps you plan a ride using local weather data and a checklist to keep you organized for your trip. It also offers roadside assistance, just like Motor Club. The Motor Club app only covers roadside assistance, not planning trips or logging driving miles. However, this app is useful if you need to send in a request for assistance. It uses your location services to find towing services nearest you. Below are more details about each app to help you decide if you want to add them to your smart phone arsenal.

Motor Club

Motor Club Icon


With this app, both members and non-members can enjoy roadside assistance wherever they are. For members, simply inputting your location and membership ID number helps providers know who and where you are to get you quick and reliable service.

Once you call Allstate, they use your phone’s GPS to send roadside assistance to your location. The services are covered for members up to your plan’s benefit limit. For non-members, there is a fixed price for the service provided.

Motor Club App

With this app, members can also access membership information and download Allstate Insurance Agent information. Within the app, you can also indicate your problem by choosing from a menu of options that include: towing, battery jump, flat tire, fuel, delivery, and locksmith services. Your membership card number is kept inside the app in case of an emergency, so you don’t have to hunt down your physical card before the roadside assistance arrives.

Good Ride – discontinued

Good Ride App Icon


This app is free to use and gives you a platform to log all the details about your road trip, such as miles, routes, and necessary maintenance tools. You can also share your status and information across all your social networks if you want your friends to keep up with your rides.

The best part is, you don’t have to be an Allstate customer to use this app. Anyone with a motorcycle could get use out of it for its extensive tracking features and ride planning tools. With the log your ride feature, you can keep track of your route, time on the road, and miles you biked.

Good Ride App

If you want to add comments or photos, you can do that directly through the app and then share it to your social networks.

Also, the maintenance log lets you keep track of all the work you have done on your motorcycle, from oil changes to tire replacements to new battery purchases and more. You can also set reminders for service check-ups to keep your bike in top-notch condition.

Even though Good Ride is geared towards the avid motorcyclist, it has neat features that can benefit everyone. If you are taking a road trip in your car, for example, it can be just as fun to keep journal entries of all the different stages and experiences as your trip progresses and share them on your Facebook or Twitter page.roadside assistance function, if you need help, the app will call Allstate and they will send a tow truck right away.