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Review of Rodney D. Young Insurance

Rodney D Young Insurance
Overall Rating
Financial Health
Customer Satisfaction
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Final Verdict

Rodney D. Young is a long-standing auto carrier known for inexpensive, no frills coverage for drivers with special circumstances (i.e. poor driving record, low credit score, etc.). However, the reliability of their services is questionable.


In 1952 a Dallas businessman, named Rodney D. Young, founded his own auto insurance company with the aim of protecting those drivers often overlooked because of poor driving records or negative credit reports. In the subsequent six decades since Rodney D. Young began doing business, the personal lines auto carrier has expanded its product list to include homeowners, commercial auto, and Mexico travel insurance. 

Rodney Young Insurance is now based in Fort Worth, TX and belongs to the Fred Loya Insurance Group. The auto company sells their products by way of 40 different locations (mostly Walmart retail stores)  throughout Texas, New Mexico, North Carolina, Nevada, Missouri, Colorado, and Arizona. 

Most consumers purchase Rodney D. Young car insurance because they promise affordable rates even for those drivers that are considered undesirable by larger auto insurers. 

Financial Health 

An insurance company’s long-term financial health is usually evaluated by a rating organization such as A.M. Best or Demotech, Inc. However, Rodney D. Young has not applied for a rating nor has their parent company, Fred Loya Insurance Group. Therefore, it is challenging to truly know Rodney Young’s fiscal stability and their potential to payout future claims.  


Rodney D. Young Insurance promotes competitive rates and generous discounts. It is difficult to confirm this statement simply by reviewing the carrier’s website. The auto insurer’s online quoting tool does not produce pricing but, rather, encourages you to contact one of their nearby agents for further assistance. The auto insurer also offers the option of dialing a toll-free number for a quote. 

Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to overall customer satisfaction, once again Rodney D. Young Insurance is a mystery. All the usual consumer resources do not have any information on file regarding the auto carrier. For example, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has no information on file for the car insurer or its parent company. 

We were able to find a general Facebook page for Rodney D. Young Texas which shows 4 out 5 stars based on customer reviews. On the other hand, there is also a Facebook page specifically for the insurance company’s San Antonio, Texas insureds which indicates 3.2 out of 5.0 star consumer rating. In addition, the auto insurer currently has an A+ rating via Better Business Bureau (BBB) despite not being an accredited organization. 

Consumer Affairs does not have a rating or reviews posted online for Rodney D. Young yet their affiliate carrier, Fred Loya Insurance Group, is represented. Unfortunately, Fred Loya received 1.0 star out of 5.0 rating based on 228 customer reviews. The majority of Fred Loya insured complaints are regarding claims processing, specifically slow turnaround times and poor communication.

Claims Processing

Rodney D. Young has an unusual approach to handling filing claims. Their website states that claims representatives are not available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as with most other auto insurers. Plus, they also do not have an online claim feature for their insureds to utilize. Therefore, in order to file a new claim with Rodney D. Young, you are required to phone their toll free claim number during the following business hours: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm (MST) Monday through Friday, and Saturday from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm (MST). No representatives are available on Sundays so insureds have to wait until office hours on Monday to notify the car insurer of a new claim.  

Rodney D. Young’s website states a claims adjuster will be assigned and in touch with a new claimant within 24 hours of the initial loss report. As previously mentioned, there is no public information available to confirm Rodney D. Young lives up to this commitment. 

Coverage Options

Rodney D. Young sells both standard and non-standard car insurance. You have the option of purchasing liability only or full coverage. The company stresses the fact that they provide low cost coverage despite the driver’s credit rating or driving record. As most auto insurers do, Rodney D. Young has convenient monthly payment plans that require small down payments. 


For nearly sixty years, Rodney D. Young has maintained their position within a competitive market by sticking to low-cost auto insurance for drivers that may be turned down by larger insurance companies. Drivers in need of SR-22s, young drivers that often pay inflated premiums, and thrifty consumers looking to keep their overall insurance costs down may appreciate Rodney D. Young’s product offerings. 

However, we would recommend you proceed with caution considering there is little information or data available as to Rodney D. Young’s financial stability or claims processing results. This makes it extremely hard to be 100% sure if the carrier delivers on all their promises of high quality plans at reasonable rates. 

Finally, modern clients may be slightly discouraged with the lack of electronic capabilities such as online quoting and binding, as well as 24/7 electronic claims filing. Perhaps drivers shopping for coverage will have to weigh their need to save on premium versus other aspects such as convenience and long-term security.