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List of Companies doing Business with the NRA


updated – Nov 14, 2019

In light of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, there has been a growing call for a boycott of companies that do business with the NRA. We would like to make it clear that we support this ban. While there are various insurance companies that are part of this list, we are happy to say that Metlife Insurance has already cut their ties and we are proud to say we are not partnered with any companies that do business with the NRA.

Below is a list of companies we’ve found to have business connections to the NRA. If their name has been crossed out, they have cut ties with the NRA and we applaud them. By  clicking on each company’s name that hasn’t been crossed out, you will be able to see how they are connected to the NRA online. If you are aware of any companies that should be added to the list, please let us know.

Companies Doing Business with NRA
Amazon (streams NRA TV on FireTV)Avis
Apple (streams NRA TV on AppleTV)Budget
Google (streams NRA TV on Chromecast)Enterprise
Roku (streams Women of NRA)Alamo
Life Insurance CentralVinesse Wines
eHealthLife Line Screening
ClearentFirst National Bank
Starkey Hearing TechnologiesNorth American Moving Services
The Medical ConciergeSimpliSafe
Metlife InsuranceChubb Insurance
AlliedWild Apricot
UnitedManageurid Identity Program
DeltaBest Western
Paramont RxNorth American Van Lines

*As you can see, most of the companies on the list have already cut ties with the NRA. We applaud them and will periodically update this page by crossing out the names of companies that have stopped doing business with the NRA. If you encounter a company on our list that has already broken their business connections to the NRA, please help us keep this list up-to-date by letting us know via our contact form.

The safety of our children is of paramount importance, as well as their mental wellbeing. They (and their teachers) should not be forced to go to school in fear that they will be gunned down in their classroom. The psychological repercussions our children and teachers are facing is simply unacceptable and there needs to be a change.

Please continue to put pressure on the remaining companies who have business ties to the NRA by cancelling your services with them and writing a complaint to them. As they say, “Actions speak louder than words”. Thank you for helping us bring awareness to the escalating gun violence problem our country is facing!