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Hagerty Roadside Assistance Review

The TRUTH about Hagerty Roadside Assistance

Cost of Roadside Assistance

If you are a car collector looking for a community where your love for classic cars can be catered to, Hagerty Drivers club could be for you. Through Hagerty Drivers Club, a unique membership experience brings together classic car lovers all around the world. With currently over 620,000 members, Hagerty Drivers Club offers entertainment and events, as well as roadside assistance for all their members. Hagerty’s roadside coverage offers specialty services designed to protect the value of classic cars. Whether you’re traveling across the county or cruising around town, Hagerty encourages drivers to enjoy their vehicles, knowing their car will be well cared for in the event a mishap occurs.

How Much Does Hagerty’s Roadside Assistance Cost?

Below you can see there are 3 tiers, or “gears” according to Hagerty Roadside Assistance. Each gear will be discussed in further detail soon.

Term1st Gear2nd Gear3rd Gear
Monthly Fee$3.75$5.83$14.58
Annual Fee$45$70$175

It’s worth noting, with discounts, roadside services, and all the other benefits included in the Hagerty Drivers Club, members saved over $150,000 in 2019. The highest monthly premium for their roadside service is $14.58 a month. This does not seem like too high an investment if you have a vehicle that is an asset to you.

Any costs over the included membership coverage are the responsibility of the member. Payment is required at the time of roadside service.

Hagerty’s Drivers Club with Roadside Assistance

To get access to Hagerty Roadside Assistance you must first be a member of the Hagerty Drivers Club. Hagerty offers exciting perks to their members including gaining access to exclusive events and members only experiences such as special seminars and car shows. This is a neat community available to you no matter what level of roadside coverage you choose!

What’s Included in Hagerty Drivers Club?

Joining Hagerty Drivers Club is easy. With an annual fee of $45, you will automatically be enrolled in the HDC Community and their 1st gear roadside plan. You don’t have to own any vehicle to join the club though! Hagerty Drivers Club is for anyone who has a love and passion for cars, regardless of ownership. Also, unlike their roadside plan, you do not have to have an HDC membership to buy Hagerty Insurance, and Hagerty Roadside Assistance doesn’t exclude you from using a different company for your general car insurance. This allows a lot of flexibility in perks and coverage for car enthusiasts!

Hagerty Drivers Club gives you access to unique features including:

  • Six publications a year of Hagerty Drivers Club magazine
  • Expert help on shopping for parts, services, and more
  • Access to collector car valuation tools for post sales and pricing data
  • Access to exclusive partner pricing which could cover the cost of your plan
  • Basic Roadside plan with up to 20-mile radius for coverage

Access to exclusive automotive discounts on things like a new set of tires, vehicle transportation or classic car rentals will more than cover the cost of membership.

Below is a list of discounts offered through Hagerty Drivers Club:

  • California Car Cover – 10% off all website or phone orders
  • Coker Tire – 10% off entire product line
  • Griot’s Garage – 15% off all liquids, 10% off all other items
  • DriveShare- $50 off your first rental
  • The Shop by Hagerty- 20% off       
  • 15% off select items

Partnering with the latest technology, HDC provides its members with additional benefits such as Lyft transportation and live event tracking. Also, every Saturday, HDC will announce an exclusive deal in their Weekend Road Trip newsletter allowing members up to 60 hours to redeem.

HDC is a community for car enthusiasts to share their interests while gaining access to curated coverage and perks. Even if all you want to do is chat about a car you bought, HDC wants to hear about it.

What’s Included Hagerty Roadside Assistance?

Once you join the club for the base price of their 1st gear roadside plan, you will automatically be enrolled in this level of roadside coverage. Below you can see the 3 Gears offered by Hagerty for roadside assistance, and what each gear offers…

1st Gear2nd Gear3rd Gear
Cost Per Year$45$70$175
Incidents Per YearUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Cars CoveredCollector CarsCollector CarsAll Household Vehicles
Towing20 miles per tow60 miles per tow150 miles per tow
Guaranteed Flatbed Towing
Fuel ServicesFree delivery, retail price for fuelFree delivery, retail price for fuelFree delivery, retail price for fuel
Jump StartFreeFreeFree
Minor Mechanical AdjustmentUp to $100Up to $100Up to $100
Winching/ Extrication100 feet from road100 feet from road100 feet from road
Flat Tire ServiceChange to spare tire, or towChange to spare tire, or towChange to spare tire, or tow
Car LocksmithUp to $100Up to $100Up to $100
Friends & Family Notification
Products/ Services DiscountsLimited DiscountsLimited DiscountsLimited Discounts

Note that every gear offers an unlimited number of incidents per year, which is rare and very enticing. The same goes for Guaranteed Flatbed Towing, which is important if you are towing valuable vehicles. Using a flat surface and soft straps can protect your vehicle from unnecessary dents, dings, and scratches.

The only key differences between each level are the type of cars covered, the radius for towing, and trailer towing. If you travel a lot with your vehicle, it might be wise to get the 3rd Gear which covers up to a 150-mile radius, plus both flatbed and trailer towing.

Also, the 1st Gear and 2nd Gear cover only classics, while the 3rd Gear covers both classics and any owned vehicles registered to your household. Anyone driving any covered vehicle can call for service – as it is the vehicle covered and not the driver.

What is NOT Included in Hagerty’s Roadside Assistance?

Unlike many other insurance companies, we appreciated that Hagerty’s website clearly outlines what their roadside assistance does not cover. Below is a list of services that are excluded:

  • Any service rendered that isn’t ordered through the phone number provided on your Hagerty’s Driver’s Club membership card
  • Recreational vehicles are excluded. This includes campers, RV’s, caravans, and truck campers
  • Non-collector vehicle trailers. Utility and ATV trailers are not covered
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Additional parts, labor, storage, or charges outside of standard coverage
  • Costs that go above the plan limit
  • Any vehicle submerged under water
  • Ongoing vehicle maintenance 
  • Non-emergency purposes:
    • Transportation between two service facilities
    • Repair related transportation
    • Towing of previously non-working vehicle
  • Towing or extrication of vehicle with damage due to a natural disaster
  • Vehicle on road with poor maintenance
  • Vehicles weighing over 10,000 lbs and/or are longer than 21 feet. Examples of such vehicles include but are not limited to:
    • Semitrucks
    • fire trucks
    • buses
    • stretch limousines
    • military vehicles
    • tractors
  • Towing required by law enforcement related to:
    • intentional traffic interference by a functional vehicle
    • impoundment because of incorrect parking
    • vehicle abandonment
    • illegal parking
    • other traffic violations

Although this list of exclusions may seem extensive, it is important to note that most of these are typical exclusions of any roadside policy or carrier. Most carriers do not list their features and exclusions in such detail for potential customers. This is a noteworthy nicety from Hagerty.

How do I Contact Hagerty’s Roadside Service?

Hagerty Roadside Assistance can be used through the Hagerty Drivers Club™ member number on your membership card, and by contacting an agent at #888-310-8020. Your member number is also accessible in your account, which you can log into at You must call this number and use your member number to get service coverage.  There is no reimbursement for services rendered outside of Hagerty Drivers Club dispatch center.

Hagerty Drivers Club claims to provide service within 60 minutes of dispatch. They do state that this 60-minute ETA can vary based on factors such as, traffic, far distance, weather, or peak-periods.

How Does Hagerty’s Roadside Assistance Compare to Other Providers?

Below you will see Hagerty Roadside Assistance stacked up against other well-known carriers. This chart includes some of the additional perks or benefits offered through Hagerty Drivers Club, which is exclusive to their members.

Hagerty 1st GearState FarmAllStateFarmersProgressive
Cost Per Year$45$48$25$23$23
Incidents Covered Per Yearunlimited333varies
Towing20 milesNearest, no limit$100$15015 miles
Flatbed Towing Guaranteed
Winching/ Extrication$100/ 100 ftFree if reachable from road$10010 ft100 ft
Car Locksmith$1001 hr$100$1501 hr
On-Site Mechanical Adjustment$1001 hr$100$1501 hr
Fuel Delivery
Jump Start
Flat Tire Service
Carcierge Help Desk
Partner Discounts
Member Only Events
Collector Car Magazine

Even the basic 1st Gear level through Hagerty offers a higher towing radius than Progressive. Also, Hagerty is the only one to offer unlimited incidents per year and flatbed towing.

Hagerty’s 1st gear also includes all the member discounts offered by their partners. Research determined that AAA seems to offer a broader nationwide network of partners, which include national hotel chains and many more car maintenance services.

Hagerty seems to offer all the standard features of most major roadside plans, plus some nice additional perks for classic cars. Check out our review of CHUBB roadside assistance. CHUBB specializes in classic cars as well.

Which Roadside Assistance Should You Choose?

From specialty services such as guaranteed flatbed towing and unlimited incidents per year, to Hagerty Drivers Club which offers automotive discounts, members-only events and so much more, it is easy to see why Hagerty would be a superb roadside choice for any car lover. Classic cars are three times more likely to break down as they are to have a claim. A typical roadside service costs $80 on average. By joining Hagerty Drivers club you could end up saving hundreds.

It is also worth reiterating that using Hagerty for roadside assistance doesn’t exclude you from using a different carrier for your car insurance needs. This can be handy if you find a better deal elsewhere when comparing quotes. Overall, Hagerty seems to offer flexibility in coverage, a robust community, and specialty roadside assistance, enhancing their credibility with car lovers and collectors.

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