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Case Study - Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance (2017)

For this study, multiple quotes were compared from both the US State that was the cheapest to buy auto insurance (*Idaho) and the most expensive State to buy auto insurance (*New Jersey). *source: Insurance Information Institute

The following Car Owner Profiles were used for the study:

Clean Record
  • Male
  • Age 35
  • Married
  • ​Homeowner
  • Clean driving record
  • 2012 Toyota Corolla Base (4 Cyl, 4 Door 2WD Sedan)
  • Liability limits 100/300/100
  • Comprehensive Deductable $500
  • Collision Deductable $500
  • Has been with current insurance company 3 years or more
  • Superior Credit Score (846 or higher)

One Speeding Ticket
  • Same as "Clean Record", but with one speeding ticket on record within 3 years

Poor Credit Score
  • Same as "Clean Record", but with a poor credit score of (618 or 600) 

Two Accidents
  • Same as "Clean Record", but with two “at-fault” accidents on record within 3 years

Expensive Car
  • Same as “Clean Record”, but car was switched to a 2014 Porsche Panamera GTS (8Cyl, 4 Door, 4WD Sedan)

Young Driver
  • Same as "Clean Record, but driver's age was 21, he was unmarried, a renter and had only been with previous insurance company 1-3 years. 

Companies Included in Study:  Progressive, Geico, Travelers, Allstate, Liberty Mutual & Farmers