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Save Up To 30% with Allstate’s DriverWise App

If you have teen drivers in the house, you’ll be thrilled to know that you can get behind the wheel with them and help them make safer decisions with the Star Driver by the DriverWise app.

You won’t be able to literally get behind the wheel, but you can track a lot of their behaviors virtually with this app. Keeping your new teen driver safe is priority in any parent’s life, and most parents know teens have an inclination to break the rules every once in a while. With this app, you can be more involved with their driving habits, and also send in your own driving habits through the app to get a potential savings on your auto insurance bills.

The app records your habits, such as braking, speed, and the hours you’re behind the wheel. You can receive discounts based on your daily driving habits! Most people agree that their auto insurance plans cost too much money, so this is a way to earn some potential savings. Below are some pros and cons about the DriverWise app to help you decide if it’s worth downloading.


  • You get access to potential savings on your auto insurance based on your daily driving habits. A comprehensive list of everything that the app records from your driving can be found You also get a 10% discount just for signing up for the app! So that’s one freebie right there that can really help you save on auto insurance each month. Most insurance policies take your job, level of income, housing situation, and previous education into consideration when determining your monthly insurance bill. DriverWise wants to make things more fair for the average person by testing you on what really matters, which is your ability to drive safely and follow traffic laws. By doing this, it takes some of the unfairness out of the pricing on insurance policies.
  • Parents can track their children’s driving habits through the app, and teach them how they can become better drivers as well. The parents and teens set parameters on what driving habits are acceptable, and the app can track the teen’s speed, braking habits, and time of day he or she is on the road. If any of the preset agreement terms are violated, parents can be notified through a text or or email alert. This is great for parents that might be nervous about having their new teen driver out on the roads!


  • As part of the comprehensive list of tools used to track driving habits, the app records each time you must brake hard (decelerating at a rate of 8-10mph per second). Unfortunately, sometimes a dog might run out in front of you or a person might slam on their brakes ahead of you, forcing you to do the same. The app doesn’t know the difference between a careless hard braking incident or one where you had to stop in order to avoid something in front of you that you couldn’t control. Many people have complained about this feature, but you can call up the company if you believe you are in the right, and have some of the incidents taken off the report.
  • You probably won’t receive the full 30% discount; most drivers only receive an average of 14%. Most drivers drive between the hours of 11am and 10pm, which are considered “moderate risk” hours. Unless you only drive places in the morning, which most people don’t, you shouldn’t expect to receive the full 30%

The app is now available in most U.S. states, and has over 1 billion collective miles logged from customers.

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