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Handy & Fun Geico Apps

With an easy to use interface, the Geico mobile app does exactly what you’d want any insurance app to do. Whether you want to check your insurance policy, add or remove drivers and vehicles from your policy, view bills and make payments, send in a claim, report damaged glass, or get roadside assistance, you can do it all through the app. You can also view discounts, track repairs, change your coverage, and store your ID cards right in the app so you don’t lose them. You can get the app for both Android and Apple, and it’s accessible on tablets, smartphones, and desktops as well. It’s even coming soon to the Kindle Fire.

Different Ways to Interact

You can also connect with GEICO directly through the app if you have a question about your policy or need to schedule an appointment to speak to a representative in-person. The app has a virtual assistant named Lily, who helps take care of you needs, and is happy to do it, too. You can even ask her questions about herself, like what her favorite drink is, or her opinion of the GEICO gecko. If you’re bored while waiting for roadside assistance, Lily provides the perfect activity to cure your boredom. She also does important things as well, such as help you make a payment, access your insurance information, and answer frequently asked questions about insurance.

Easy Access to ID’s

You can view all your ID cards by swiping through them just like photos within the app. They display full-screen so you can view them easily, and you can access them through the front screen of the app.

Post Accident Help

Another cool feature in the app is accident assistance, which lets you record information about the accident such as a driver’s name, license number, and insurance information. You can record the accident location and details, record names and numbers of any witnesses, take photos, and call GEICO through the app to report your insurance claim. Once your claim has been filed, you can keep updated through the app.


You can personalize your experience by creating user profiles for you and your family members, and even purchase new policies right from the app. If you recently got a quote for insurance, you can view it in the app as well. Yet another cool feature is the ability to get a taxi or rental car based on your location. If you’re out of town and need a car for a few days, this feature could be very useful for you.

GEICO wanted to make an insurance app that offered personalization as well as a way to give customers the same value as they get from the website or from personal representatives. With this app, you can pretty much do everything you possibly need to do regarding your insurance policy.

The app got very high reviews in the app store for Apple, so many people seem to be finding it useful.


Another GEICO app worth mentioning is called GEICO Tricky Traffic, which is an educational game that allows you to test your driving skills.

The game will test your knowledge of traffic laws and gauge your reaction time by putting you to the ultimate test: you will direct traffic and help every driver and pedestrian get to his or her destination safely, but you must minimize traffic congestion and accidents as well. For every pedestrian and car that you guide to safety, you get points. You also get points for keeping traffic flowing smoothly and answering quiz questions correctly.

For people who love a fun, challenging game, this app is a must-have for you and your kids. It can also help your teens practice their reaction time, which might help them out on the road as well.

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