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We operate independently of all insurance providers, enabling us to provide you with an objective overview of today's insurance market so you can comparison shop without bias.
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Our quotes search engine instantly reveals which quality insurers are offering discounted rates in your area right now, making it easy for you to compare their quotes and find the best rates fast.
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If you only want quotes, that’s all you’ll receive. We're simply here to help quickly compare quotes from competing insurance providers. You decide if or when you are ready to buy a policy.

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Nancy the Insurance AgentMany people avoid buying full coverage policies because they think it's too expensive. Or they checked with their current carrier and were intimidated by a pricey quote.

But you'd be surprised how affordable full coverage insurance can be. Auto insurance carriers are eager to sign up new customers, so competition is fierce to offer prices that are attractive.

This is what makes it possible to get top-of-the-line coverage from well known and trusted insurers at a low price. But only if you comparison shop.

This is where we can help. By using our 100% free quote comparison search engine, you'll be able to quickly compare multiple insurance quotes side by side, making finding the lowest insurance rate a snap.

Full Coverage Insurance Basics

Learn about the different kinds of coverage that are offered when shopping for car insurance.

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How to Invalidate Your Auto Insurance

There are many things that can render your auto insurance completely invalid, and overloading your vehicle with more passengers or weight than it’s been rated for is certainly one of them. What are more things that can render your car insurance policy invalid?  
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What if an Uninsured Motorist Hits Me?

Legally, every driver in the USA is required to have at least liability coverage. If they cause an accident, liability coverage kicks in to help cover the property damage and injury bills of the other people involved in the accident. Unfortunately not everyone follows the law and fulf
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You’re driving alone on a two-lane country road when the night sky above you begins to fill with ominous clouds. The wind picks up and trees start to bend and sway. Suddenly, a huge tree limb snaps free and falls in the road directly in front of you! You slam the breaks and are forced
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